Transtravel Safaris has formulated a COVID-19 workplace protocol based on the WHO Guidelines for Tourism Industry Operations, which addresses all operational aspects of the business and treatment of an incident or outbreak.

We are committed in creating safe experiences for our guest’s peace of mind on behalf of our customers. Our products are proudly offered with a safety guarantee. Safety and preventive measures are top of mind at Transtravel Safaris.

Appropriate signage and communication to raise awareness of measures taken to ensure general safety by the business shall be visible. All staff shall be provided with appropriate PPE that shall be regarded as medical waste when discarded. The company shall ensure that all passengers and driver guides complete a COVID-19 statement before boarding the vehicle.

Where a passenger displays or is suspected of having any symptoms associated with COVID-19, steps shall be taken to isolate the passenger and to notify the appropriate authority.

All measures shall remain dynamic to suit the diversity in service provision and environments in which tourist operates.